Ottavio Nuccio Gala: The guide for the choice of the perfect wedding suit

When you think of a wedding the first image that comes right back to mind is that of the married couple: on the altar together, during the first dance, or at the moment of cutting the wedding cake. In any case, whatever the moment of that day reminded, the dresses worn by the bride and groom will be indelibly in the memory of family members, friends and guests.
The leading role of the bride will always remain undisputed: she is the princess in that important day, that is her right occasion to wear a dress that let her make a wonderful experience and feel unique emotions. Equally important, however, is the groom. The groom must be the worthy knight of his lady, they both must deserve the love and respect of their loved one for life.

Women have since always had more choice and offer in the field of fashion, even in that of the wedding dresses. As regards man, in recent years the male market is gaining more and more territory to regain the centrality and the role that they risked losing, but this is still not happening in the field of men's formal wear.
Even the groom deserves attention, and deserves to be able to best express his personality without being forced to choose between the usual models and combinations offered by the majority of the brands which produce men's formal wear.

It's not simple to dress appropriately a groom, as it it's customary think. The groom's suit should be chosen on the basis of his personality, body size, skin and hair color, season .. just like the woman's. Indeed, the pieces to match are even more numerous in men's wedding suits and even choose the color of the waistcoat could take hours.
The market for men's formal wear almost always offers a standardized product and now it's common the thought that the groom is obliged to wear a 4 pieces suit of the same fabric and color: a scandal for the culture of Made in Italy that we should carry in the hearts.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is a trademark of Salento, in the south of Italy, which produces and sells men's formal wear all over the world. There are 5 different collections totaling more than 300 models, not counting the possible combinations that are also coming to a thousand.
Each collection is suited to a different kind of man, personality and ceremony, to succeed in satisfy the needs of each client. The collections are: Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion (divided into Fashion Color and Fashion Formal), Emotion and Baroque.
The Gentleman collection represents the most refined elegance, the pure classical style for traditional families. The morning suit within it are made with fine fabrics and range from classic black jacket and striped trousers morning suit to the most modern of 3-piece in one color. The possible combinations vary depending on the style you wish to give to marriage: the waistcoat could be smooth in 5 buttons, double-breasted, jacquard; choose between tie, cravat or ascot. The protocol states that if the groom is wearing a morning suit, even the closest relatives and witnesses should wear morning suit.

For evening ceremonies, the Black Tie collection offers the public a wide range of tuxedos and tailcoats. Tuxedos are made both in the purest classical style (with shawl lapel in contrast, satin band on the side of the trousers, slippers and diplomatic shirt), and with the most modern fabrics and color combinations to a young groom who knows how to make unique his style. The jacket can be single-breasted tuxedo but also double breasted. If you choose a double-breasted jacket, you should never have it unbuttoned, even when sitting. The Black Tie collection is also appropriate for gala events, luxury ceremonies, cocktail parties, premieres at theaters and any other important events that requires an appropriate dress code.

For traditional ceremonies, but to which you want to give a modern feel, the Fashion Formal collection will respond to your needs. Classic suits in 1 or 2 buttons, with paired waistcoat or one to be matched depending on personal taste. The jackets can be short or frock coat model inspired by short tail exclusive of Ottavio Nuccio Gala. The short tail coat is a must for this brand, famous for its excellent fit. The accessories to be matched can be of a different sort: single color, micro patterns, jacquards, stripes and so on, everything available for the groom according to his desires.

For ceremonies of Hippie and Vintage taste (actually famous alternativeweddings), the choice will be directed towards the Fashion Color collection. They are lightweight clothing made of linen and cotton, very colorful, both bright and pastel, combined with fancy suspenders, extravagant colored socks and original bow ties. These suits were made for the brides and grooms who want to be faithful to their Hippie style even on their wedding day, but always with a touch of elegance that is essential for realizing a romantic ceremony inspired by the 60s and 70s.

For trendy ceremonies of a rock inspiration, the Emotion collection includes extremely contemporary suits, with embroidery, studs, cufflinks with skulls, pendants with swords and many other accessories to make each groom feel like a real rock star. The name of the collection was specifically chosen because each of these precious suits makes the groom try a unique emotion, makes him feel special and the center of attention. Suits are suitable for men with a strong and determined personality, who don't want to lapse into excessive extravagance, but want to maintain the elegance required in such an important day.

For royal marriages banner of luxury and fine details, the Baroque collection offers truly unique suits. They are short jackets, short tailcoats or Korean jackets inspired by dress uniforms or romantics of XIX century; brocade fabrics, embroideries, jacquard pure silk, precious stones and hand-crafted details: all perfectly combined and coordinated with taste and imagination, for a legendary marriage. There are almost always light colored suits, but they were also made in darker colors for ceremonies from Gothic style that are celebrated in the evening, perhaps in a palace or a church in this style. On that day every man will turn into a real prince, ready to accompany his princess to the altar.

Whatever your style is, Ottavio Nuccio Gala is able to satisfy your desires with original suits and the quality of the real "Made in Italy".